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Partnering with the right fraud risk prevention vendor


Choosing the right fraud prevention vendor is not complicated as it seems. Your business goals should align with the features and specifications of their fraud prevention system. Below is the list of benefits you should consider while in partnership.

An eye on the cost of fraud Having a higher chargeback ratio is a real pain point for your business. The chargeback and cost of fraud should be strictly below your threshold point. Lowering the charge ratio goes hand to hand with a lower approval rate. The only way you can tackle this is by bringing a high-end technology that pledges you the accuracy

Customer experience and fraud prevention Customers are always looking for instant and systematic experience while processing a transaction without compromising their personal data, In particular- Payment card details, account information, and identity details. Top-Notch protection like this creates delay and can be chafing. There is a thin line between customer experience and fraud prevention, Fraud prevention providers are in a constant challenge to keep the end-user experience seamless and quick and at the same instance halt fraud. Adding an updated integrated fraud prediction solution can tackle this challenge & deliver a smooth and quick user experience.

Predict and plan What if you can predict your fraud cost and plan accordingly. It’s a huge win indeed! Staying in the future and calculating the risk and return is going to boost your revenue. If you believe your business needs this upper hand you should definitely partner with a system that delivers the predictability!

Easy to integrate Time is major in every business. When choosing a fraud management solution, Consider going for an easy to deploy and direct deployment solution. By that, you will get to save time and resources. More time means more money and a scalable business!

Customer support network Suppose you are in a peak season, and you are getting more business than you expected. And let's say you ran into an issue with the fraud detection structure. What you need is to have support from your fraud prevention vendor and to solve the issue before causing any permanent damage. Customer support is an underrated feature to consider but it plays an important role to keep the system running.

Productivity Technology is outperforming human efficiency. In past, Merchants had a system where each order was manually reviewed and approved/declined based on the risk level. This doesn’t just affect productivity but accuracy also. The time and effort you invest to hire, train and assign the review team can be used to scale your business by partnering with a solid fraud detecting system. And that way you can focus on your yield instead of worrying about the pest!

The major points-

  • Operating cost and efficiency
  • Time and asset management
  • Business growth

The above 3 points are gonna lift assertively once you choose the right fraud prevention vendor

Capture the global market Risk management structure is different across different geographies. As the behavioural pattern of the fraud committed is different for particular areas and products. Even though your risk management execution is perfect in one geography, the performance ratio will be different in other places, If you know this already. So if you haven’t already expanded your business you should consider partnering with a fraud management vendor with a flexible and customizable operating structure.

Conclusion It is not necessary to consider all the above points while choosing the fraud prevention vendor, Make a list of points that is relevant for your business and choose the best.

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