Transaction monitoring

Rule based transaction management with customisation option

Watch has advanced feature which enable our clients to manage Rules by their own. Which means you are not dependant on us to create a new rule logic. Few important features :

  • Unsophisticated regimen for customizing new rules to the system Customize your rule suite with a pellucid setup
  • Inbuild rules advocacy for the new market trend and scenarios Make sure your new rules are effective - Simulation

Customizable dashboard and reports

Watch delivers a flexible and customizable dashboard that can be tailored to your business requirements

  • Volumes and usage statistics
  • Merchant and User level statistics
  • Employ level prototypes
  • Rule / Rule group-wise metrics
  • Downloadable reports
  • Graphical representation of data
Simple integrations
ML & AI Powered Transaction scoring

Simple integrations

Watch provides multiple channels for integrations. Its superfast and easy to integrate APIs is aimed to reduce your integration time and cost.

  • Simple API integration for transaction data
  • SDKs
  • Email notifications
  • Webhooks integration for alerts and notifications
  • Multi channel integration in single platform

User / Merchant profiling

Watch provides extensive customer & merchant profiling. Profiling is a way of creating portraits of your customers / merchants that are based on factual information, such as their buying / selling behaviors or interactions. Below are some of the approaches watch provides

  • Typical spending velocity
  • The hours and days tend to transact
  • Customer and locations of transactions
  • Customers CNP transaction behaviour
  • Merchants average and seasonal behaviour
User / Merchant profiling
Anti-money Laundering

Highly scalable and suitable for any channels

Watch provides highly scalable Fraud Risk Management solution for all channels, which includes and not limited to :

  • Acquiring & Issuance - CIP , CNP for all types of cards like credit, debit and prepaid cards.
  • Domestic money tranfer(DMT , APS)
  • UPI, Wallets including Cryptocurrencies
  • Internet banking transactions
  • Cash remittances & AML monitoring
  • Forex remittances Inward and outward including SWIFT transactions.

ML & AI-Powered Transaction scoring

A mix of supervised and unsupervised ML based transaction scoring for every transaction will enable reduce dependence on manual review processes.

  • Predictive modelling for reporting
  • Custom made ML models to detect money laundering
  • Increased productivity by reducing false poisitive
  • Option to integrate external / thirdparty ML models / libraries
Rule based transaction management with customisation option
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